About Us


Sonar Accounting AS is an authorized accounting firm located at Helsfyr in Oslo. The CEO is Børge Mælum who is also a certified accountant. We work with everything from small sole traders to large companies. Our goal is to be an active supporter of our customers, and through our constantly updated expertise contribute to the most rational and forward-looking solutions.


Sometimes it is to deal with new technology-intensive and must be used much time on training. That is not at Sonar Accounting. The requirements for you as a customer are few and simple, yet important for us to keep our promises. You should have a complete overview of liquidity and profitability, and it should be easy and affordable for you as a customer.


When the customer receives an inbound invoice scan it and send it to us by email. Within 48 hours we put it into your bank on the due date, but without approval - it makes you. This saves both you and us for work and you have all the time full control of your liquidity. Original vouchers container yourself and release when making copies. This saves time and costs.

Simple and straightforward

These simple grips allows us at any time will be updated on your accounts. After each tax period, you get a report describing results, liquidity and development in the period. The Annual Report will also previously done then we can finish as soon as the last VAT period is closed. We make statements easier, cheaper and more transparent.


Billing is easiest through our integrated billing system. You login, stock invoice and then we will send the invoice to you. Everything will be finished book. If you have special wishes or systems, we will also be able to receive your invoices on file or on paper.

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